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Open Call for Contribution – APrIGF Synthesis Document

Dear APrIGF Community,

Building on the success of the inaugural APrIGF Synthesis Document from the 2015 APrIGF Macao meeting, this year we are including more opportunities and channels for community input: The Open Call for Contribution will begin on Tuesday, May 17 [5:00:00 UTC] and close on Monday, May 30 [23:59:59 UTC].

All input to the Synthesis Document may be sent to [email protected]. Please include the following optional information along with your input:

  1. Name (optional);
  2. Economy of Residence (optional);
  3. Stakeholder Group (optional);
  4. Organisation (optional).

All input sent to [email protected] will be publically archived.

Please base your input on this year theme: “A New Internet Era – Merging Physical Space with Cyberspace” along with the six sub-themes:

  1. The Future Impact of IANA Transition;
  2. Security;
  3. Human Rights;
  4. Impacts of International Agreements and Policies;
  5. Universality;
  6. Cyber Connectivity.

The Synthesis Document aims to document items of common interest relevant to Internet Governance in the Asia Pacific region. Synthesis Document Discussion Town Hall Sessions have been scheduled at the end of Day 1 and 2 of the APrIGF Taipei meeting, with a presentation of the document at the closing plenary of the final day. There will be two public comment periods on the draft Synthesis Document: one scheduled before the Taipei meeting to collect preparatory input; and one after the meeting to aggregate discussions.

Anyone who wishes to join the Synthesis Drafting Team, a volunteer group that takes on additional review work for the Synthesis Document, may contact the Secretariat at [email protected].