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Call for Workshop Proposals

Evaluation Process & Time Frame

Submission Period: 11/30/15 -02/16/16, Tuesday, 24:00 UTC. Application Closed.
Selection Release: March, 2016

The Selection Committee under the Multi-Stakeholder Steering Group (MSG) will review all proposals received by the deadline. In order to evenly distribute proposals among the parallel sessions and to accommodate as many proposals as possible, mergers or rearrangement of proposals might be required for similar issues of discussions. Specific changes of speakers may also be recommended by the Selection Committee to ensure a stakeholder and geographical balance of the panel.

Evaluation Criteria

1. Relevance
Are the specific issues to be addressed by the proposal clearly correlated to the designated sub-theme and relevant to the overarching theme of the 2016 APrIGF?

2. Completeness
Does the proposal provide all information requested in the CFP, specifically: fully expounded issues, viable approach to discussion, and the formation of panelists. The state of confirmation of panelists will also be taken into consideration.

3. Diversity
Does the proposed session represent viewpoints from multiple stakeholders and provide divers geographical, economic, and cultural perspectives? Are the listed panelists qualified to represent various distinct stakeholder groups? Does the session contribute to the overall diversity of the APrIGF event?

Additional Note
The MSG would like to see more collaborative discussion among the participants and panelists; therefore we encourage proposals that foster interactive dialogues. A description of how you intend the session to be conducted would help the Selection Committee better understand your proposal.