Leonid Todorov

Leonid Todorov

Leonid Todorov earned his M.A. in Linguistics from Moscow State Pedagogical and did postgraduate studies in international relations, management and business leadership, and economics in Denmark, Taiwan and US.

Since the onset of the Russian reforms, he has served for more than a decade as Chief of Staff to the late PM YegorGaidar. His background also includes private sector and academic activities.
In 2008, he joined the Coordination Сenter for .RU top level domain as Head of Government and International Relations and contributed to the success of the Cyrillic-script IDN ccTLD .РФ and the launch of new gTLDs . ДЕТИ (kids) and .TATAR.

As a member of the Organizing Committee, Leonid has also been engaged in creation and promotion of the Russian Internet Governance Forum, the biggest event of its kind across Eastern and Central Europe and the post-Soviet Space. He also sits on the Steering Group for the European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG). In 2013-2014, he sat on the ISOC Advisory Business Council and currently is a member of the CCNSO ICANN’s Strategic and Operations Plan Working Group.

Leonid is a faculty member of the European Summer School on Internet Governance.

Leonid’s focus is on ccTLDs’ operation, Internet governance, new gTLDs, public policy and international cooperation in the ICT area, and cybersecurity He has authored and coauthored a number of publications on these issues, and has presented at various national and international events.

He currently is General Manager of APTLD.