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Cyber Connectivity Security Human Rights Multi-Stakeholder Model
Universality The Future Impact of IANA Transition Impact of International Agreement and Policies Other

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JULY 26 – DAY 0

Room/Workshop Title Video Transcript Slide Summary
Room 301
APILP Program N/A N/A Download

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JULY 27 – DAY 1

Room/Workshop Title Video Transcript Slide Summary
Room 201
Opening Plenary Youtube Download
  • The Next 10 Years: IGF as a bridge between two worlds
    – Mr. Markus Kummer, Board of ICANN
Youtube Download Download  N/A
  • Internet for Everyone: Asian Digital Leadership and the Importance of the Multistakeholder Model
    – Ms. Susan Pointer, Head of Public Policy & Government Relations, Asia Pacific Google Inc.
Youtube Download N/A
Room 401
WS. 58 Asia-Pacific Region’s Best Practice in a New Internet Era: Safe and Secure Cyberspace for Youth Youtube Download Makoto Yokozawa

– Wei-wei Vivian Huang

– Yahoo! JAPAN

– Le Mai Huong

– Sakamaki

Merger 2. The Future of Internet Rulemaking Through Trade Agreements  Youtube Download – Hoang Tran N/A
WS. 10 Security and Management of Internet Content from Overseas  Youtube Download – Jason Ho

– Bernard Y. Kao

– Hyangsun Lee

Synthesis Document Discussion  Youtube Download  Download N/A
Room 402 (A+B)
WS. 6 Disaster and Disabilities in terms of Crisis & Management  Youtube Download – Gunela Astbrink

– Kuo-Yu Chuang

– Shreedeep

Merger 8. Right to be forgotten (RTBF), Privacy, anonymity and public access to Information  Youtube Download Winston Roberts  (moderator)

– K.S. Park

– Monika Zalnieriute

– Yasuyo Inoue

Jamael Jacob

Smita Vanniyar

Merger 9. Protest, Privacy and the Private Sector in Asia  Youtube Download – Audrey Tang N/A
Room 402 (C+D)
WS.2 Regional Transparency Report and Online Rights Protection Measures  Youtube Download – Clement Chen

– Ming-Syuan Ho

– Hong Kong Transparency Report

– Korea Internet Transparency Report

WS. 79 Overcoming challenges in APAC outreach and participation in the new Internet era  Youtube Download Kelvin Wong & Adam Peake N/A
WS. 28 Out of Smoke and Mirrors: How will a multi-participation environment be sustained after transition?  Youtube Download – Julie Cong Zhu (moderator) N/A

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JULY 28 – DAY 2

Room/Workshop Title Video Transcript Slide Summary
Room 401
IGF Intersessional Work / National & Regional Initiatives  Youtube  Download  Download N/A
WS. 67 Intrusive surveillance technology could be justified?  Youtube  Download – Byoung-il Oh

– Chester Soong

– Prasanth Sugathan

– Arthit Suriyawongkul

WS. 27 Multi-stakeholder Approaches within Regional and Local IG Context: Diversity and Linkage  Youtube  Download Liyun Han (moderator) N/A
WS. 81 Internationalized Domain Names and Implications for the Next Billion  Youtube  Download Rinalia Abdul Rahim

Hiro Hotta

Kenny Huang

Khmer LGR Update

Room 402 (A+B)
WS. 71 Internet Architecture & Human Rights  Youtube  Download Subgroup Discussion Topics

– Aarti Bhavana

– Adam Peake

– Makoto Yokozawa

WS. 59 Democracy 3.0: Accountability and Representation in the Ageographical Constituency and Rough Consensus (i.e. Multistakeholder) Model  Youtube  Download  Download
Dialogue between APrIGF and APSIG  Youtube  Download
Merger 1. The Role of the key stakeholders in Disrupting the Dissemination of Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) online  Youtube  Download – Claire Chen

– David NG

– Bindu Sharma

– Celeste Yang

WS. 69 Online women violence and awareness of Social Media  Youtube  Download – Nayanatara Ranganathan

– Gwenyth Wang

Synthesis Document Drafting Session  Youtube  Download  N/A
Room 402 (C+D)
WS. 90 Innovation at the edges: Promoting alternative access models at the last mile  Youtube  Download – Paul Harwood

– VU Hoang Lien

Mahabir Pun

Merger 6. Igniting Internet Governance Discussions on the Ground  Youtube  Download View
WS. 95 IPv6 in the Asia Pacific Region  Youtube  Download – Tatsuya Akagawa

– Shian-Shyong Tseng

Merger 3. Recommendations for Responsible Tech: Digital Rights and Private Sector Internet Intermediaries  Youtube  Download Jeremy Malcolm

– responsible-tech.org


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JULY 29 – DAY 3

Room/Workshop Title Video Transcript Slide Summary
Room 401
Merger 7. Threats to Free Expression and Challenges for Reform in Southeast Asia  Youtube  Download Jamael Jacob


K.S. Park

– Jiwon Sohn

Merger 5. Cybersecurity Threats Possible Collaboration in South and South East Asia  Youtube  Download  N/A N/A
WS.19 Cyber Security and the Internet of Things: Is Privacy Dead?  Youtube  Download  N/A N/A
Closing Plenary  Youtube  Download Download N/A
Room 402 (A+B)
Merger 4. Gender and Access  Youtube  Download  N/A N/A
WS. 57 Internet Policy Impact on Wildlife Environment and Wildlife Friendly™ Practices  Youtube  Download

– Mike Baltzer/ (Part 1) (Part 2)

– Edmon Chung

Kenny Huang

– Joyce Wu

WS.77 Taking stock and moving forward: Youth Engagement in Internet Governance in Asia  Youtube  Download – Action Plan Sharing

– Kelvin Wong


HKyIGF Recap

– Hailey Yang

Room 402 (C+D)
WS. 18 Domain Name Industry as a New Revenue Stream for Service Providers in Asia Pacific  Youtube  Download – Edmon Chung

– Jia-Rong Low

– Zakir Syed

WS. 51 Radicalisation in the digital age – How to counter online extremism and build a counter narrative  Youtube  Download View
WS. 89 The Internet Is Open For Business: Fostering MSME participation in the digital economy  Youtube  Download – Edmon Chung

– Jia-Rong Low

– Zakir Syed

MSG Meeting  Youtube   N/A   N/A  N/A

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